Authentication by Entrupy

Gaby's Bags LLC is an Entrupy-verified business.  Customers who purchased our Pre-Loved bags will receive a FREE certificate of authenticity that is backed with Entrupy's Financial Guarantee.  
Authentication by Entropy


Entering the preloved market alongside our decades-long experience in selling new designer bags, we've made authenticity our top priority. Teaming up with trusted experts and harnessing advanced technology like Entrupy, we guarantee the highest standards of authentication for our customers. 

As the industry leader in authentication technology, Entrupy employs a meticulous process that involves capturing detailed photos of each item, both inside and out, including hardware and serial numbers. These images are then analyzed by advanced algorithms, ensuring swift and accurate authentication results for every product. With Entrupy's rigorous process and cutting-edge technology, you can shop with confidence, knowing that the luxury bag or wallet you're investing in is genuine and backed by Entrupy's financial guarantee.